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Download Gratis Mp3 Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend

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Lenka (born Lenka Kripac in 1978) is an Australian television actress turned ensemble musician with Decoder Ring, turned solo singer-songwriter, most famous worldwide for her song "The Show", which has been used in numerous advertisements, most notably for Old Navy.

Previously best known as an actress in Australia and as a host of a long-running children's breakfast cartoon program Cheez TV in Australia, she has appeared in numerous Australian television serials and feature films.

She is now based in Los Angeles.

Solo career

After adopting her first name as her sole artistic name ("Lenka" is a common Slavic girl's name, and a common diminutive of the Slavic girl's name "Lena"), Lenka released an eponymous album on 24 September 2008, with "The Show," produced by Stuart Brawley, chosen to be the first single release from the set. The album has thus far peaked at number 142 on the American Billboard 200.

Her vocal stylings offer a juxtaposition of catchy pop and layered, complicated world music influences. This juxtaposing is current in popular music, spreading through the internet.[citation needed] Similar layerings exist in the music of anti-folk Russian-born New York City-based musician Regina Spektor, French/Israeli/Tunisian tri-language singer-songwriter Yael Naim, and eclectic Italian violinist/mandolinist Alessandro Monti.

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